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Gallery out everywhere!

Hello dear friends, I'm so pleased to share that today I put out a new Dresage song! I couldn't be more excited to get the release gears turning again. My dear friend/collaborator Cyrus Reynolds and I wrote this a few years ago. At the time, I felt confused by the growing pains of becoming an adult, the soul crushing heartbreaks my friends and I had all experienced throughout our 20’s and the passing of time that felt menacing and eerie. I wondered, what if we could hang our failures and triumphs up art gallery style? Could we find clarity in the past if the emotions came out of our bodies and on to a canvas? Would we find 20/20 vision to help us make sense of it all?

I'm also so honored to have made my way on to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist with this little song today as well. 

Thank you for the continued ears and support. My heart is forever yours, Keeley

Gallery Out Now!


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