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Dresage is the brainchild of Keeley Bumford, an artist, producer, and composer based in Los Angeles. In her world of creativity with Dresage as the vehicle, she creates lush synth and tactile organic musings, allowing herself the freedom to inhabit many genres, from dreamy synthwave to indie grunge pop. Clash Magazine calls her “pop from an alternate universe driven by a commitment to personal communication…honest, creative and forever outside the box.” 


Dresage has independently released two EPs: Dresage in 2018 and Terror Nights / Terror Days in 2021. She has established collaborations with well-known artists like Jai Wolf and Elephante, contributing to their recorded music and making appearances as a featured live guest at prestigious venues and festivals including Austin’s ACL 2019 and Emo’s, as well as LA’s The Shrine and The Palladium. One of Dresage's notable strengths lies in music licensing, as her work has been prominently featured in various media projects, including AMC/Netflix's Better Call Saul, Volvo's commercial for the XC60 car, Netflix's Virgin River, and numerous Apple ad campaigns, among others. Her Harry Nilsson cover featured in Better Call Saul was named the Best Song Written/Recorded for Television at the 2023 Guild of Music Supervisors Awards. Her contribution to the show was also highlighted in Vulture’s esteemed list of the 10 Best TV Needle Drops of 2022 and on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.


While sculpting songs that ponder feminism & mental health, Bumford is also passionate about spreading the autonomy of self-recording and production to women, and folks along the gender and socio-economic spectrums who have been historically kept out of such spaces. She regularly collaborates with femme-driven initiatives to bring more equity & training to upcoming producers.

Dresage's forthcoming EP, The Hell We Made, is out on October 20th. The project is a powerful collection of songs that tells the story of a necessary breakup that led Dresage to embrace her queer identity and become her truest self. The four tracks take the listener on a journey of self-discovery and realization, exploring the pain and struggle of letting go of a past love while also celebrating the freedom and liberation that comes with embracing one's authentic path.

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