Dresage_Press Shot 3_Credit - Michael Li

Keeley Bumford is an artist/producer/composer based in Los Angeles. Through her main project Dresage, she creates lush synth and orchestral musings, allowing herself the freedom to inhabit many genres, from dreamy synthwave to indie art pop. She has credits as a producer& composer having recently written/produced & performed five original songs as well as co - scoring the original Hulu/Blumhouse film, My Valentine, from the “IntoThe Dark” anthology series. She was in the beloved YouTube series“4 Producers 1 Sample” with Andrew Huang, and actively works within the film/tv sync world with recent placements from Apple, Netflix, UNIQLO, Nintendo, Disney and more. While sculpting songs that ponder feminism & mental health, Bumford is most passionate about spreading the autonomy of self- recording and production to women,BIPOC, and folks along the gender and socio-economic spectrums who have been historically kept out of such spaces. She regularly collaborates with femme-driven initiatives to bring more equity & training to upcoming producers.


Notable Placements: The Crown Season 4 Trailer, My Valentine (Blumhouse/Hulu),Apple iPad air keynote event, Apple iPhone 12 purple announce, Apple Watch & A Wrinkle in Time Trailer.